"...Slowly, [Marco] Mazzini steps through that room's luxurious sound,  with his amazing sound control over those moods that are connected in this composition with the water element:  Beauty, threat, destructive power."

» Andreas Perpeintner, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich, Germany)
Review over Marco Mazzini's solo concert at the Gasteig Cultural Center. 6 September 2008.

"Mr. Kotik presided over the Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble, an expansion of the new-music group he founded in 1970, and members of Ostravska Banda, a Czech ensemble he also conducts, and the performances he drew from these players were spirited and to the point."

» Allan Kozinn, New York Times (NY, USA)
Over the presentation of the Ostrava Ochestra at Carnegie Hall. 23 May 2006.

"The second part started with the Concerto for clarinet and orchestra N°3 by Karl Stamitz.  Soloist: the dynamic Marco Antonio Mazzini.  Strangely, the applauses were doubly warm for this musician that, we know, has inoculated a vital dose of enthusiasm in our conservatory.  His interpretation was crowned by an impeccable and expressive Rondo, that finished his performance with great clamor. "

» La Industria (Trujillo, Peru)
Marco Mazzini as soloist with the Trujillo Symphonic Orchestra. 21July 1996.

"Marco Antonio ... a specie of revolutionary soul of the Peruvian musical circles."

» La Industria (Trujillo, Peru)
An interview with Marco Mazzini. 20 July 1996.

" How the orchestra took advantage of the individual power of each musician, was heard in 'Apparitions', the early masterpiece of György Ligeti.  The texture of the orchestra had been worked out to the extreme."

Veronique Rubens, De Standaard (Belgium)
Concert review of the Vlaams Radio Orkest (Marco Mazzini as a clarinet/bass clarinet guest musician).
23 Febrary 2008.

"Their orchestral style incorporates energetic sounds of rock and jazz, making them one of the most original modern ensembles in the world."

Chris Bills, New Music and Art Festival (Ohio, USA)
over Thelema Trio. October 2006.

"The conference was preceded by an unusual and most interesting concert by the Thelema Trio of Belgium on Wednesday evening...The works presented offered a very wide range of styles, new performance techniques, and a chance for each performer to really shine and strut performance chops that seemed endless and yet continued to grow with each new piece we heard."

Greg A Steinke, Society of Composers, Inc. (North Carolina, USA)
concert review of Thelema Trio at the National Conference of the Society of Composers, Inc. 15 October 2005

» New York's Sequenza 21: "Multi-Culti"
A shor text over Marco Mazzini's presentation at Carnegie Hall.

Circomper: "Marco Mazzini at the European League of Institutes of the Arts" (Spanish)

Circomper: "Marco Mazzini en Carnegie Hall"
The Circle of Peruvian Composers announces Mazzini's concert at Carnegie Hall.

» Palabras van y vienen. "Marco Mazzini: clarinetista peruano de exportación".
Interview published on April 2006. In Spanish.

» Arte y Cultura del Perú:"Un clarinetista peruano para el mundo".
Interview with Marco Antonio Mazzini. In Spanish.

» Sequenza 21: Marco Antonio Mazzini Plays Alex Shapiro’s "Deep"

Deinze on Line: "Marco Antonio Mazzini".
A text over Marco Mazzini and the video "Shadowing". In Netherlands.

Conservatorio Nacional de Música: "Egresado del Conservatorio, recibe dos distinciones de instituciones del estado".
The Peruvian National Conservatory pubishes a note over Marco Mazzini's Golden Chaski distintion.

Clarinet Cache (The Clarinet): "Marco Mazzini's instructional videos for extended techniques"

Clarinet Cache: "Clariperu".
A great article over the history of Clariperu, published at "The Clarinet" magazine, International Clarinet Association.

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