La femme de Gilles (Film)

Sound Track of this French/Belgian film. This movie won an award at the Vennice Festival in 2004.
Some recordings of Marco Mazzini with Thelema Trio, Duo Dicto, clarinet ensembles and film music.
Thelema Trio

First Full CD of Thelema Trio performing new music written specially for them. Marco Mazzini performs clarinet and contrabass clarinet. 2006.
3er Festival Musica Contemporanea - Peru

Recording of "Three Hands" by Duo Extremes - Marco Mazzini plays bass clarinet. 2003.
The International Clarinets

Clarinet Ensemble of the Ghent Conservatory. Soloist are Wenzel Fusch, Eddy Vaboosthuyse and David Van Maele. Marco Mazzini play the contrabass clarinet.
Peruvian Music

Demo recordings with Thelema Trio. Music by peruvian composer from beginning of the XX century. All arrangements by Marco Mazzini. 2004.
25 Years - Harmonia Classica

Triple CD that includes a live concert of Duo DICTO performing "Sonus Dulcis" in Vienna. Recorded in April 2007.
La Nef des Fous (Film)

Soundtrack of this short Belgian film. Music by Dirk BrossÚ perfomed by Viviane Spanoghe (cello) and Marco Mazzini (clarinet & bassclarinet). 2006.
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